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Monday, March 4, 2013

Martin Chavez for Revolution Rideshop: Q&A

Martin where are you from?
I'm from Indio California. BURR Street son! Repin!

How old are you and how long have you been skateboarding?
Well I turned 17 in September and I've been skating for like 10, 11 years now? I quit for two years so 9 years!

Who got you into skateboarding?
My brothers man! My family, my cousins. Just growing up and skating with them, had me a lil swap-meet board. Id just skate around the block and shit, meet up with the goons and just go shred.

What gets you hyped to skate?
Video parts never fail to do the job, also interviews from pros always seem to get me super hyped to shred. Depending
on if they're spittin on some real shit, like straight knowledge or a funny interview! idk just a solid interview will get me
hyped to skate. Music as well, I think music hypes everybody up! Just being with the homes and having a good time and

Who are some of your favorite skateboarders in the desert right now?
Oh damn!  I have soo many! Tommy Gurrola of course! Dude kills it! TC Graves, Jared (Huss). My buddy Alex Torres he's tight! uhhh… Oh! Oh! Chetto of course! IDK man! I have a lot favorites!  

Any favorite spots, here in the desert?
Those ledges out in Palm Springs at that Bank of America ! Those are sick!

We went out not too long ago and tried to get some tricks, care to share what happened to you and your ankle? 
Uh pretty much we where just skating that hubba in Indio. The one by the ______--_____ . I was trying the trick or whatever and I slipped out or something I don't remember. I twisted my leg in the shin area.. The pain keeps shifting from my shin to my ankle back to my calf. Pretty much screwed up my whole left leg. I've been out for a whole month hopefully i'll back on it soon.

what kind of exercises are you doing for your ankle/shin?
Uh well its not an exercise, exercise. Im using this round Glad bottle thing and i'm rolling it with my ankle or whatever. Just to get it in motion and shit 

With a lil ghetto rehab like dat and some ice I'm sure you'll be back on it soon!

How long have you been ridding for Revo?
I got signed in May haha! so like 9 months.

Since then how have they helped you out?
Oh dude in every way possible!
Helping me rise out of here or at least try.
I'm happy to be part of the team and to be apart of the Revo name.

Do you like going out filming and shooting photos?
Oh Dude hell yeah!   I love it! Going out in the streets with your boys and skating!

What are you looking forward too?
At this point it's just to get back on my board as soon as possible. I feel like i haven't skated in milleniums! I just wanna get back at it! That's all I'm looking forward to, right now.

Any shootouts or thanks you?
Just thanks to Revo man! Just for giving me the opportunity to actually show people what I'm capable  of. Pretty much that is everything. Just to be part of the team.