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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get to Know: Alec Sullivan for Revolution Ride Shop

Interview by Adam Moore

Where are you from? 
Born in Bakersfield, raised in the desert.

How long have you been skateboarding for?
I've been skating for around 15 years, give or take.

What got you into skating? 
Not too sure exactly but my sisters hung out with a bunch of skaters so I was kind of around it. One of their friends gave me a board and I was hooked!

What gets you hyped to shred?
Knowing that I can be completely FREE of everything...

As far as styles, who do you like to watch?
Grant Taylor, TNT, Cardiel, David Gonzales...

Any favorite spots to skate?
I could skate a red curb or a parking block forever!

How Long have you been repping Revolution?
Oh Dude! At least the past 4 or 5 years for sure!

And how long have you been ridding for them?
Mid summer, 2012 I think

Since then how have they helped you out?
Before I couldn't really afford to buy shoes or parts that I needed. Now I know someones got my back, I can actually say they have helped me with more than just skating though. I think I've got more confidence to do what I want! I'm just happy to be a part of something. Hahaha it sounds fucking corny I know, but fuck it!

What are you looking forward to working on? 
I'm looking forward to just skating and putting out some footy this summer. Hopefully building some more spots to skate!

Oh yeah? Any ideas?
Nothing too big! Just adding some tranny to a couple ledge spots and fixing up the ditch by my house, maybe do something at Haystack.

Hell Yeah! That's sick! Any shootouts or thanks you?
Just a big thanks to Revolution, and all the people who put up with me. Oh and of course my family!