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Monday, April 22, 2013

Us Versus Them Lookbook feat. Mikey Doris

New Us Versus Them shipments are in at both Revolution Ride Shop locations!
Founded in 2005 here in Southern California, US VERSUS THEM has always stood for that do-it-yourself mentality so familiar with the skateboarding culture. "Clear your own path, rather than follow the herd" is a philosophy they hold close to heart  They've grown from a small gallery space to an international fashion brand - yet the brand keeps true to their character. Click thru to see the new "articles of resistance" available in the shops now.

When we think skateboarding culture with a rebellious attitude - one man comes to mind MIKEY DORRIS!

He is a living legend - always a good time, and always down to do something gnar.

If you don't know Mikey don't worry. Your mom might, or your sister will, either way.
He's been around forever and shreds!

The Sideways Tank
All Lines Raglan
Raw Power Tee
Sideways 5 Pannel and In Lies Raglan 

                 In Lies Raglan                                                     Join or Die Tee    

Sideways 5 Pannel and Sunset Tank
Sunset Tank

Huge Thanks to Mikey for killing it!
 Don't forget to check out his new footy HERE !!!