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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Diamond Life - Cheeto Edition

We wanted to know how real normal people wear their Diamond Supply Co gear, out in the real world. We thought, "Who better to demonstrate than the Red Barn's very own "Dr. Phil," Cheeto (also known as all around fun skateboarder Cheeto)?" Him being the sweet guy that he is, let us join in on his date last night:

You can see Cheetos' enthusiasm to meet up with his charming date, Courtney.

They are still getting to know each other...

...and having a camera following you around can get a little weird.

But Cheeto keeps it cool, always.

Now, you might be wondering who Courtney is-  you can bet a lot of other guys do too...

Yeah Cheeto, that In n Out guy is checking your chick out! 

But Courtney's a sweet girl, and we think she's into him...

Maybe she's into Gingers?!

Whatever it is, it seems to be working. Break a leg Cheeto!